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Sugarocide (Chlorine Dioxide Based)

Sugarocide is a specialized molecule designed for the application of Mill sanitation in sugar mill.


Active ingredient of the molecule is Chlorine Dioxide  which is known as best sanitation & disinfection chemical in addition to mixture of certain non oxidizing biocides. The blend was made with a specific criteria considering the site conditions in sugar production.

SUGAROCIDETM is available in two component powder method. Where in two powders are mixed in designated quantity of water and are allowed to be kept for 4-5 hrs and the solution is dosed in the mill as per the required dose or as suggested by the technical representative.


Advantages of using SUGAROCIDETM.

  • The solution has a Neutral pH hence dosing the same during sugar production will not drop the pH of the solution.

  • Steady bactericidal efficacy within a broad pH range of pH 4 to pH 11.

  • No buildup of resistance in microorganism.

  • Effectively removes prophylaxis on Biofilm.

  • Powerful Inorganic oxidizing agent and free radical with residual disinfection capacity.

  • Does not react with Ammonia, Ammonium or most of the organic compounds.

  • Non corrosive at operation dose rates.


How it works?

SUGAROCIDETM works by denaturing the protein molecules, which is the basis of these microorganisms. This results in their destruction by oxidation. Because of this method of destruction, it is impossible for the microorganism to form any resistance to the product.


The product is safe, convenient and ready to use as a disinfectant, sanitizer. Once applied, it has an extended working period depending on the conditions it is being used under. In some circumstances it will still be working for up to 30 days.


How to use?

Being in liquid form it could be dosed simply with the help of an electronic Diaphragm dosing pump or any other dosing pump in the Imbibitions tank. And in the mills. The point of dosing could be decided on the basis of the plant setup. It would provide a retention period of 5 to 10 Minute for the molecule to act and remove and microbial contamination.


How to the measure performance?

The performance of the product can be easily analyzed by observing the following parameters.

  • Purity Drop from PJ to MJ

  • ERQV Ratio from PJ to MJ

  • ERQV ratio from LMJ to PJ

  • Rise in RS% per 100 Brix from PJ to MJ

  • Volatile Acidity (VA) per 100 Brix.


Active ingredient of the molecule is Chlorine Dioxide which is known as best sanitation & disinfection chemical know to Mankind.