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We are one of the significant Supplier of Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). From freshening up to sanitization for buyer purposes to extensive petrochemical applications, chlorine dioxide's exceptional properties are perfect for illuminating microbial or consistence related objectives. Having more intense oxidizing limit than chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide is viable over a wide pH go and gives fast execute to an expansive range of living beings. Chlorine Dioxide is accessible in tablet and 2 - part dry blend.

There are more than 283 strategies for creating Chlorine Dioxide ( ClO2 ). ClO2 by two-part control strategies edges in front of the all the known techniques for producing ClO2. The two parts when included water creates 0.5% (5000 ppm) ClO2 which is prepared to use in 4 hrs and the advantages of the atom can be procured with the assistance of a straightforward dosing pump and a tank. The parts are intended to have a more than 95 % yield of NaClO2. (Conversion of chlorite to ClO2). What's more, the steadiness of the arrangement is expanded to have a base timeframe of realistic usability of 15 days.


  • Consumable Water Treatment
  • Cooling Tower
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Purification of products of the soil
  • Mash Bleaching
  • Ethanol Fermentation
  • Creature Husbandry
Business Advantages and Benefits
  • No interest in plant and hardware
  • No adjustments in ebb and flow water treatment arrangement of the plant
  • No auxiliary alterations, changes in pipelines
  • Lessened labor necessity
  • Non - destructive as client fixation
  • Lessened material taking care of cost
  • Warehousing and stock conveying cost decreased considerably
  • No extra wellbeing measures or authorizations required
Highlights and Benefits

ClO2 however an amazing particle was confronting obstacle in getting acknowledged by clients and end-clients because of difficulties engaged with strategy for age of the item. Clients were required to introduce costly hardware and types of gear to profit the advantages of the particle.

With the assistance of our Chlorine Dioxide the issues related with the inconveniences in application and age have been settled.

Our ClO2 is easy to use and condition well - disposed which can be utilized with negligible frill and hardware. By utilizing it clients can receive reward of the atom which was not accessible.